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Outdoor dining, restaurant at your place or at your office, at an international symposium or at the stadium – “Shalyapin” has many years of experience in catering events. The beauty of catering lies in the individual attention and customized approach we offer our guests, the flexible menu dependent on their tastes and budget and the option to arrange a turn-key event – the restaurant will come to you, wherever you might be.
A wedding is a grand event, every element of which must be carefully thought through – the bride’s gown must be perfect and the festive table impeccable. We know exactly what to do to make your special day unforgettable, so you have nothing to worry about.
Our banquet manager will help you choose the best table setting and take all your wishes into account, from the decorations to the musical accompaniment. Our experienced team will make a menu up to your tastes and desires. We offer a wide range of Russian and European dishes for different budgets and formats. To make your party end in a spectacular manner our pastry chefs will bake your dream cake with a theme of your choosing.
We want to help you celebrate your birthday with your friends and family, and will be glad to arrange an unforgettable event for you, in accordance with your every wish.
We will help you choose a venue for the celebration - be it a banquet or a private party with guest performing artists; we will draw up an individual menu for you and provide first-class service so that you and your guests have a night to remember.
Our pastry chefs will bake a birthday cake for the hero of the hour.
Arranging a kids’ party is a particularly delicate task, as we must do everything in our power to make it seem like a fairytale.
We will take thorough care of the arrangements – select a suitable venue, create an exciting entertainment program, decorate the venue, and, of course, see to a varied and tasty menu. Upon your request, we will cook healthy dishes for the children, make handmade treats and present everything in a manner that will leave both children and parents ecstatic.
Be it a corporate party in a restaurant or a trip to the countryside - we will help you hold a fun and tasteful corporate event.
We will make a customized menu in accordance with your budget, arrange decorations, and invite a master of ceremonies and photographers - in a word, we will do everything we can to make the event exciting and memorable.
Business events require excellent service and impeccable timing. We will help you arrange a business event of the highest level. We will provide subtle and high-quality service, and a menu and table setting that suit the occasion, be it an annual report presentation or business negotiations.
Orzo pasta with tiger shrimps, spinach and coconut milk
Tsar-style sterlet
Beef tartar with the smoky flavor
Venues for the events
About the venue
About the restaurant
An elegant restaurant in the style of an early twentieth-century St. Petersburg apartment. The menu offers traditional Russian cuisine with a modern twist and popular European dishes. We have crafted special celebratory dishes for large parties: leg of lamb, hot smoked sturgeon, and roast duck with apples. The restaurant's pastry chefs are renowned for their handmade chocolates and creative cakes. The restaurant occupies a comfortable space that extends over three rooms, catering to all kinds of events: family celebrations, business meetings, small-scale weddings, and children's parties.

Spaces: three function rooms, one of which is a pass-through room. The second room and banquet hall are used for events, but it is also possible to book the entire restaurant.
Banquet hall

Dinners for up to 30 guests

Standing events for up to 40 guests

Second hall

Dinners for up to 50 guests

Standing events for up to 60 guests

About the venue
About the restaurant
The Shalyapin restaurant in Repino is the ideal venue for all kinds of occasions, including work functions, anniversaries, and weddings. Popular dishes from modern Russian and European cuisine are an excellent accompaniment to any event, as are our special celebratory dishes. The restaurant has two large rooms with original bespoke working fireplaces. In summer, the spacious terrace overlooking green space is the perfect spot for wedding ceremonies or any other occasion, from bachelor parties to children's birthday parties.

Banquet hall

Dinners for up to 40 guests

Standing events for up to 50 guests

Hall with the fireplace

Dinners for up to 120 guests

Standing events for up to 200 guests

Summer patio

Dinners for up to 80 guests

Standing events for up to 130 guests

About the venue
About the restaurant
The “Arka” restaurant is a stylish two-story resto-bar serving craft cocktails, trendy dishes and hosting vibrant parties. The renovated interior has two contact bar counters, a dance floor and a second floor lounge with a glass rooftop and dim lighting. The European cuisine oriented menu consists of a wide selection of cocktails, snacks, appetizers and entrées. “Arka” is the perfect place for private or corporate parties, weddings and events of any other format – buffet receptions, sit-down dinners, and open-bar DJ parties.

Available spaces:
1st floor with
a contact bar:
Buffets for up to 60 guests
2nd floor:

Dinners for up to 30 guests

Standing events for up to 50 guests

You can have the restaurant closed for a private function.
Other venues
Other venues

If you want to hold an event in a special location beyond the bounds of the restaurant, the Shalyapin team can take care of everything for you. A wedding in a country house, a corporate event on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, a party in a conservatory, a graduation celebration in a palace – just tell us where you’d like to hold your party, or let our catering staff choose a venue for you. Our team will organize your ideal event, be it in a cozy St. Petersburg apartment or a large city venue. We have all sorts of unique venues up our sleeve for events of any format that will pleasantly surprise you and your guests!
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